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    Leading Worship Services

    A Breakout session from the 2009 Worship Leaders Retreat for bivocational and volunteer worship leaders covering worship planning and music administration.

    Length: 44 minutes

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    Church Revitalization 2

    No description available.

    Length: 61 minutes

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    Sharing the Gospel With Children Part 1

    No description available.

    Length: 39 minutes

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    Choose2 is a simple evangelistic prayer strategy that leads people to identify two lost people with whom their life regularly intersects and pray for them twice a day for their salvation.

    Length: 12 minutes

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    Strategic Development for a Disciple-Making Ministry to Men

    Learn the key elements in developing and sustaining a disciple-making men's ministry in your church. We will challenge the common perception that men's ministry is an exclusive ministry, and present a more biblical view that it should include all men in your church.

    Length: 60 minutes

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    User-Friendly Churches

    Planning for a church facility that is useful and appealing to members and visitors

    Length: 42 minutes

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    Reasons We May Not Be Christians and How to Be Born Again

    Speaking at the 2007 New Mexico State-wide Evangelism Conference, Dr. Avant describes reasons Southern Baptist are not reaching the lost for Christ.

    Length: 27 minutes

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    "So That" Praying

    Phil takes us to the Lord's Prayer in John 17 to discover how Jesus prayed for his own needs but in a radically different way. "So that" praying has the potential of changing how we think when we pray in corporate and personal settings.

    Length: 29 minutes

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    Becoming an Effective Coach

    Coaching is an effective tool that may be used in assisting pastors and churches in becoming more effective in reaching for Christ.

    Presented at the 2008 Summit of the Network of Baptist Associations (

    Length: 52 minutes

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